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Fiction 59

Fiction 59 Stories:
Following is a collection of fictional stories told with exactly 59 words. These stories are from the students of Butte and Fresno County with a couple of teachers participating with their Fiction 59 submittals…

Full Moon Sways
 “Wow, it sure is bright out tonight,” I said smiling.  My eyes continued to gaze upon the moon, its reflection glistening across water.  Watching the moon like this made me somehow feel at peace. “Totally magical, right?” she laughed cheerfully. Grinning softly, I looked up at her, “Yup, It just seems to make the stress in one’s life vanish.”

I rushed, my usual form of arrival, in an attempt to save the environment, no, to save my pocketbook by means of mass transportation.  Scrounging quarters from my backpack, I insert the fare, and scan my various cohorts: too big, too smelly, too loud… just right.  Breathing steadily as sweat beads built, I wondered what ‘just right’ was thinking.

Crazy Day
The day my brother went away to prison. The day was crazy, shocking and hard to believe because we couldn’t understand what the police were going to charge him with. Sad to say, but, the charge was murder. My, mother broke down that’s when all the drinking started it was sad to see her hurting in an ugly way.

I took a deep breath, my evil cousin bringing ridiculous thoughts to my brain, “You can’t do it.” I paced myself quietly up and down the white long hallways. With sweat streaming down my face, heart racing rapidly, and my face  cherry red, I walked up to challenge my match that everyone doubted upon me, “Will you marry me?”

School Ugh!
Beep, Beep, Beep. Crap I’m late to school again! Ugh, I hate school! Daily I wake up, get dressed and trudge to school. The same thing every day. “You’re late.” “What’s new?” If you don’t get to school on time you are going to regret it. Now that I’m sitting here in detention, I think I should have listened.

“Why is this happening” the man thinks. “Is this a dream?” he says as he sees soldiers moving around taking men, women, and children and forcing them into the beds of trucks. “Why are they doing this?” They try to take him. He resists. Searing pain, blood gushes out of his leg. He falls. Blinding light. “Am I dead?”

It’s a mistake
As he walks through the dust clouds, bullets are whizzing around him, thinking “Is this wrong or right?” He now feels ashamed about what he’s done, about what he’s been asked to do. He got himself into this. Resentment, wishing this was a dream. Thoughts of all the lifeless faces, wishing this wasn’t happening. Thinking “Why am I here?”

Master Plan
One day an evil villain was planning a master plan. He wanted to steal something big something that people would never forget. He thought and thought day and night to think of a master plan that would be out of sight. One night gazing up at the midnight sky, the plan came to fruition and suddenly the moon disappeared.

Green Rain
Today the sky was all green, and covered with four leaf clovers. I felt like today was going to be full of good luck. So I took my first step outside and realized that the sky began to rain clovers. When the clovers touched me I turned into a Leprechaun and in my hands I held pots of gold.

The Trashcan
Well this was good. It’s not my fault I was broke. Maybe if I turn myself in they’ll let me go with a warning. It beats hiding in this crappy trashcan. Should turn myself in? No you just killed someone. I shouldn’t have used a gun I would have been better off with a knife. I’m sticking with trash can.

The sounds keep getting louder. I close my eyes and hope it will stop. I glance at my open door into the darkened hallway, then it stops. I get enough courage to get out of bed. Suddenly, the footsteps continue. I begin to tremble. I step out of bed and turn on the lights. “Silly puppy, you scared me!”

The Star
There was a really pretty girl. She loved to dance and sing, as a child. When she got older the girl became a famous actor. She loved her job and the lifestyle it created for her. But, as the beautiful girl got older her beauty faded away. She retired to Cancun and lived happily with her small dog, Chico.

I am sitting in my English/History class and my teacher Mr. Smith has some potatoes. They are very weird something like I’ve never seen. They have eyes, teeth, and tongues. They are all making very funny faces at me.

My Brother, My Role Model
My brother Marcus inspires me to be the best I can be. Marcus teaches me to never give up on myself or anything I put my mind too. Whenever I need him he is there for me. Out of my whole household he was the first to graduate from high school and then go to college. 

As he left the house he had an eerie feeling that death was coming over him. He got in the car, put the key in, but before he turned the key, he thought about his family, his friends, his haters. Recalling his actions the night before, knowing he was a marked man. The explosion could be heard for miles.

The Rock
 I am solid like a rock. I stand my ground and I don’t make a sound. I do hit hard and you will hurt. Don’t test me because I will explode. I have no feeling and no emotion. Myself, I just do not care what people think. You can try to intimidate me but it will not even work.

Part Time Super Hero
My name is Brent.  I am often an undercover superhero. My last name varies on what kind I am in. For my first date I often take women for a flight I love the thrill and to hear them squeal. But if you catch me on a bad day you will see me driving to my job.

Lapse of Memory
I went to my cousin’s house one summer night. I walked two blocks to get to her house. I had a weird feeling on my way there. I didn’t pay much attention to that though. I should’ve known! When I got there her house looked all dead. Damn I had forgotten she had gone out of town for summer.

I got this.
 “Use the force, Luke!” Brian shouted mockingly. “Can it, dumbass! I’m trying to think!” Luke retorted. He grabbed a curved stick off the ground and stuck part of it in the window. It was rainy out and Luke locked the keys in the car.  “Almost got it,” Luke said. His grip on the stick slipped, dropping it inside. “Crap.”

Me and my friend Tom were walking up the street and saw some dogs. So we took off running. Then we got away the first time. The next day we went up the same street and the same dogs cased us. So we took off again and my friend got bit by one but,  I got away… Ha!

The Fear Inside Me
He remembered the time when the fire was burning in his heart: knowing that he needed her to be next to him. Feelings of happiness surround her memory. God, he would give anything to see her again. Just to hear her voice and to see her smile.  Even to have her complain about his attendance would be nice now.

Another Day
It was a nice summer day to lay in the grass, but I did not do so. I was stuck inside with the windows shut. It was a day of mourning but no one was dead. That day something was deeply wrong but I did not know what it was. That day was just another day in my life.
….12:45 P.M
 “Hello and welcome to Black Mesa. All fields are currently in use.” The AI was doing the regular timed conversation as all employees arrived. I was just getting in the door when the power went out again. “Blasted electricity, Freeman go down there and get the lights back on! And don’t forget your handy flak jacket,” my superior bellowed.

She walks down the sidewalk, mindless of her inappropriate behavior, trying to seduce and impress the race they call boys. She spends hours every day preparing her make-up, lifting her skirt a little higher, even though, having regrets; she had to move up the social empire. She waited in the grassy field posing for the man she called “teacher.”

One day I was walking down the street and I met this guy. He was six feet tall and had red eyes. He seemed pretty weird, but I didn’t mind. We ended up walking together and talking about past crimes. I asked if he was thirsty and he gave me an unpleasant look. He said, “I’m thirsty for blood.”

Happily Fired
As leaving the school bus garage, he went to pick up his first student in Beverly Hills, and then proceeded to pick up the rest of the students in Hollywood. While driving to Los Angeles, there was a crash and he stopped to help despite the complaints of the rich.  After comforting one of the victims, he went job hunting.

Brothers in Arms
Walking through the jungle calm as a mantis, bullets are everywhere like flies on shit. Men dropping like flies. “Must keep my cool,” he says over and over to himself. “Retreat,” he hears one of the soldiers say. “You cowards carry on the attack for country.” A bullet ripped though his chest. A blinding white light, brothers in arms.

The Goose Family
Mother goose had six children. Every morning before they woke she would go gather food. As they got up mother goose would have a choice of worms, slugs, beetles, and dragon fly’s. After eating she would take them down to the lake. At the lake they would all have fun with each other swimming, playing and exploring the lake together.

Mystery Meat
As I bit into it, the juices rushed into my mouth. Hot and juicy with a little bit of spiciness. The white meat melted in my mouth as I drank the ice cold liquids and felt the carbs hit the waist. I knew it could be only one thing: delicious, never wanting it to end ever, yummy spicy chicken sandwich. 

In a Comma
The world is burning up. The creatures roamed the streets all day. The survivors hunt at night seeking a way to end their devils rain. At day break the resistance got their weapons for safety. They were getting low on ammo to fight with. The workers who stay behind started to dig a deeper hole to reach the water.

Everything slows down, down now and the room turns a cool shade of purple. The walls are caving in but it doesn’t matter much because we’re above all this. Now you’re angry with me. “Angers such a stupid emotion,” I think. A smile cracks my lips, you punch me in the face and I burst into a bellowing laugh.

It Was Just A Dream  
Flying higher and higher thinking, “I’m going to die,” looking out the window seeing the sea underneath us.  The alarm erupts as if I hear a voice saying, “We are going down.  Hang on.”  As soon as we hit the ground the plane blew up and then I awoke breathing hard.  It’s time to go to truancy court.

I'm here again: lights glaring, noises blaring, a silence like being alone. All by myself. I look around, my mates are with me. We are together. But do they know, are we really here? I pop another one just to make myself sure. My strap goes on over my head, pick in my hand, I play. I'm almost complete.

Colorful Fruit
There was a girl who ate thirty blueberries and turned purple. She didn’t know what to do! She tried eating apples, she tried eating grapes, she tried eating cherries, and what a mistake! Now she turned blue! Her mom called the doctor but he said “There’s no cure!” Now the poor girl won’t even open her bedroom door. Sad.

Mad Cravings
“Man, I really want a Dutch Bros., but I don’t have any cash,” Adam said disappointed with his hands on his head.
“You could rob a bank,” Steve pointed out.
“Didn’t your cousin do that?” Adam asked.
“Yeah, he got eight years,” Steve said casually.
They both laughed at the thought.
“I really want that damn coffee!”  Adam shouted.  

Mad Man
He’s coming after me. The cage is waiting for me if I’m caught. There he is. I must turn the corner into the ally. People walked by me calling me cute. I see stairs that lead to the subway. There are always stairs.  There he is on the right side of me. Thinking to myself, I need my pills.

Thunder Road
I remember when I was at Thunder Road Rehab in Oakland.  I was only supposed to be there for 30 days.  Back then, it felt like forever.  So I ran away twice and got terminated.  Now I’m locked up here for another 5 months and I can’t run away.  I wish I had just stayed there at Thunder Road.

Moving On
Of all the malarkey I’ve been asked to do, dot my “i’s” beams me from calm to rage within seconds….anything to avoid saying goodbye or to acknowledge I will miss him. 
“Grade me down: Hogwash-bunk-drivel.  Incredulous. I will become Turkish.  I won’t adhere.  I refuse to tittle.  Kiss my diacritic. Watch me dance: Jalapeno, latte, protege, coup d etat. Facade.”

High School
It was a war zone of people talking shit and lying only leading to unresolved issues and fights. The classroom tries to control and fill my mind with useless junk I’ll probably never use. After school I begin wandering the ally next to the school, mindless of my stupidity. The car pulls behind us with sirens, "smoking marijuana."

Chapter 1: The Vortagons Attack!
“Warning!  Warning! Multiple damages to flak jacket, emergency first aid supplied to user.” I awoke with a pounding headache. Only thing I remembered was the ladder collapsing as I was climbing back up. My flak jacket was badly damaged and I didn’t know what to do next. Then I saw it, a head crab: a foul four legged creature.

The Taste of Bacon!
Never in my life have I been so disappointed. I really wanted some bacon. My mom and I made a bet for a couple slices. I was going to win.  I was so sure I was going to win I could almost taste it. My mouth was watering, I was anticipating the day I would eat it. Then I got locked up. Damn it….

The meaning of life
What is life without death and therefore death without life? God knows the wonderful gift of life but we humans throw it aside like a candy wrapper. Yin and Yang together and in harmony. The way us humans were supposed to live. Then humans learned about the forbidden fruit now we can’t stop fighting. Yang regained composer and woke.

Beads of sweat pour down his face, parched needing and wanting something to drink. His legs had pain as if someone were stabbing him. Roaring with his voice he yelled to the rest of the group, "Hurry, the road is just ahead." The annoying crowded group heard those words of motivation and adrenalin pumped into their legs as well.

The Baseball Game
So I went to an Oakland A’s game with my dad about three years ago. He and I were rooting for the A’s and they were playing the Chicago Cubs. My dad and I were having a great time because we never really had any good quality time together. That was the best time I had with my dad.

Mud Bogging
The trucks covered with mud from tires to roof. Locked hubs and lifted trucks, four feet deep in the mud pit with 48 inch tires sitting on Chevy PUs. The flag goes down and the engines roar. Two big lines of mud shoot up from the back. He started spinning tires and slowing down, but he knew he needed to win.

Stumbling over the remains with crunching steps and the odor consuming, devouring, taking over my clothes.  Scanning the destruction with an apathetic lens.  I open the charred wooden box.  Miraculously, my bowling medals are unscathed.  The mystery of where I will sleep is, present, but not in the forefront of my mind. I repeat out loud, “bowling medals.” 

Hey You!!!!
“Hey you, yeah you over there!” some jerk said menacingly.  I kept walking but he began to approach.  I had two options:  either go on about my business, or prepare myself for a fight.  This guy was twice my size so I decide to ignore him, but when he pushed me, I lost it.  Now the paramedics have him.

Rolling Out
As he rolled out from underneath the grease, hands covered in blackness, he asked for a half inch to pull out the starter.  “I have things I have to do too,” Nikki replied, handing him the wrench.  He asked “Do you need any help?”  She turned with clicking heels, desperately trying to get the black off her hands. “Asshole.”

The Party
The music is loved and all the girls are hot. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a party but I’m used to the environment. You know I make it live. Strobe lights nearly blinding, but I see the cutest little mama all alone. She seems so far away but she’s focused on me. Now she’s my girl.

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